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Indoor climbing training tools for ice climbing / drytooling training.

Sold in pairs. Please read description below before purchasing.

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The tools are now made without the foam padding on the backside! Images on the homepage has not been updated yet.

Drytoolz are ice climbing / drytooling  training tools made for use on indoor climbing walls. They are made from high strength laminated birch wood, shaped like real technical ice tool with pick covered with replaceable Vibram XS Edge rubber.

Sold in pairs.

Dimensions: L: 47 cm H: 20 cm W: 24mm

Weight: 840g/pair

Strength: >1000N


  • Rubber pads on the tools does not last forever – they should last several months of regular use. They usually wear through on the front side first. You can then remove them, turn them around and use again. Once the rubbers wear, you must replace them. You can order replacement rubbers from us or make them from appropriate sturdy rubber. Do not climb with the tools when the rubber wears through as that will likely damage the tools.
  • If you climb with rope, only climb on toprope, wear a helmet and connect the tools with leash. Connect your leash to the tools and connect the leash to rope only. Do not connect the tools directly to harness – in case of fall the tool might get caught on hold and create enough force to break the tools, hold or leash. See this article to learn how to connect the tools.
  • Do not torque the tools on holds, practice “stein pulls” or place the tools into cracks or holes. The lever effect will multiply the forces and likely damage the holds, wall or the tools. Place the tools on positive holds only.
  • Do not climb free solo with these tools.




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